A sequence of six paintings created entirely in darkness, this experience embodies a profound contradiction: "Painting without sight."
Liberated from external influences, including color selection and composition, the process fosters a realm of freedom where outcomes are entrusted to the most complex algorithm: "Randomness".

"AZ-ZAHR nº1" // 150x150cm // Spray Paint on Canvas

AZ-ZAHR nº2" // 60x60cm // Spray Paint on Canvas

AZ-ZAHR nº3" // 120x120cm // Spray Paint on Canvas

AZ-ZAHR nº4" // 90x90cm // Spray Paint on Canvas

AZ-ZAHR nº5" // 180x180cm // Spray Paint on Canvas

AZ-ZAHR nº5" // 30x30cm // Spray Paint on Canvas

The protocol used for their realization in order to maximize randomness is as follows.

1. The 6 square canvases are of different squared sizes: 30cm, 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm and 180cm.

2. 42 leftovers sprays of different colors, from the remains of different murals, were put and mixed in a bag.

3.For each canvas, the number of colors used is proportional to its size. Once used on a canvas, the color is not returned to the bag, creating a unique set of colors for each canvas.

4. The time dedicated to each painting is proportional to its format. 6mn for the smallest (30cmx30cm) and up to 36mn for the largest (180x180cm).

5.The choice of the order in which the paintings were to be painted was made by a dice.
They are presented in this post in the order of realization.
Pic1: 150cm Pic2: 60cm Pic3: 120cm Pic4 : 90cm Pic5: 180cm Pic6: 30cm

6.Painted in total darkness to avoid any visibility at all.

7.Assumed the result. No selection, or different versions, the 6 paintings presented are the raw result of the experience
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